STRATEGIC RESULTS is a marketing and technology federal contractor that offers unmatched expertise coordinating projects of all sizes and complexities. Our detail-oriented approach and unwavering commitment to the success of every customer has earned us performance ratings that far surpass the industry standard. Dun and Bradstreet reported that STRATEGIC RESULTS has "exceeded expectations" in all customer evaluation areas, including timeliness, problem solving, service quality, technical support, total cost, and overall attitude. The National Institutes of Health has lauded our "flawless" level of performance. STRATEGIC RESULTS offers a broad portfolio of products and services in the following areas:

Big data analysis

Research and development

Information dissemination

Cyber technology

Staffing services

Information technology and solutions

We work shoulder to shoulder with civilian government and military clients to help them deliver on their service missions, whether ensuring citizen safety and well-being or making discoveries in health and science.