Covid-19 has upended the traditional workplace. While some industries have been able to adapt to working from home, this is not always possible, resulting in millions of dollars lost due to forced shutdowns following an infection. With Proxxi, employees can return to work with peace of mind and managers can rest easy, knowing that even if an employee does become infected, they can stay open, and only those who are at high risk will need to quarantine and be tested.


Wristbands emit a small vibration when users come within six feet of one another, thereby reminding them to keep a safe distance and lowering the risk of transmission. Back-end analytics measure time spent in close proximity, allowing for immediate contact tracing in the case of a positive test result. Proxxi relies on Bluetooth technology, rather than GPS tracking, and can randomly generate tracking numbers, rather than using employee names, allowing for total data privacy.


Proxxi Wristbands

The product itself comes with a user-friendly app and contact tracing reports. We also offer full warranty service, daily status reports, and suggestions for areas of improvement.

Proxxi Dashboard

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Demos and sample products are available upon request.

For more on this innovative new technology click here: Proxxi Fact Sheet.pdf