BioMedical Engineer

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Overview of Position:

Responsible for technical support for the Department of Simulation, at Walter Reed national Military Medical Center. Research information, identifying and analyzing issues, and developing recommendations to resolve procedural or technical problems affecting the efficiency, effectiveness or productivity within the Department of Simulation, WRNMMC. Troubleshoot and repair bio-medical equipment,  high-fidelity patient mannequins and virtual reality training simulators, coordinates with the Service Chiefs for Administration, Education and Operations for all work that must be sent back to the manufacturer, and processing monthly updates for the status of the equipment within the Simulation Center and develops reports based on the needs of the Medical Director. Decisions regarding work priorities will depend on the analysis of the subject involved in each assignment and directed by the priorities of the center’s training events.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for applying intensive/expert and diversified knowledge of advanced engineering practices and principles, design, ability and skills, and medical and biological knowledge and principles to complex multidisciplinary patient care through digital design, computer manufacturing techniques, CPU control boards and writing
  • Develops the overall goal, objectives, priorities, and deadlines for the Simulation Department training programs
  • Formulate monthly reports on production, inventory, quality improvement initiatives and training to the Medical Director, Simulation Department, WRNMMC
  • Maintain competency by reviewing literature, attending conferences, meeting and professional courses, and through individual contact with similar facilities, both government and non-government
  • Oversees simulation diagnostic troubleshooting and repair for non-functioning training units.
  • Training assisting with execution of medical simulation training at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  • Assists with resolving technical issues with simulation raining equipment ranging from computerized task trainers and robotic patient mannequins to highly sophisticated virtual reality medical simulators
  • Ensures that personnel adhere to the Centers Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) especially regarding the proper use of simulators and supporting equipment
  • Writes and updates the SOPs
  • Responsible for providing monthly reports to the Simulation Programs manager on Center for budget issues concerning the repairs of simulation and biomedical equipment
  • Assist in initiating and maintaining appropriate documentation for budget request
  • Monitors and documents simulation use by obtaining training information
  • Responsible for problem solving on all simulators/equipment and coordinates with supporting activities such as Automation Management Organization, Facilities Management Department, Biomed, Logistic, and Audio/Visual
  • Attend national conferences and arranges demonstrations of new simulation technology. Maintains professional contact with all MTF personnel, vendors, visitors to the Center

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of the Navy and Army’s MTFs policies and procedures in order to assist with coordinating simulation training and purchasing supplies requests
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, simulation technology and ability or aptitude to learn simulation software in order to participant and understand training, and generate useful recommendations concerning simulation training
  • Strong editing, written and oral communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to plan and coordinate a variety of comprehensive tasks, processes and programs
  • Knowledge of the shipping/receiving process and the ability to track simulation equipment that has been returned to vendors for repair or maintenance
  • Knowledge of audio-visual in order to support the Simulation Centers AV requirements such as Digital Light Projects and video camera
  • Ability to lean new simulation software
  • Mastery, of , and skills in applying , expertise in advanced engineering theories, principles, concepts, standard, and methods sufficient to apply experimental theories and/or new applications of developments to extend or modify theories
  • Resolve unique or novel problems, conditions, or issues
  • Alter standard procedures, equipment, devices, processes and known techniques


  • 3-5 years of professional experience in working with, repairing and troubleshooting biomedical equipment
  • 3-5 years of professional experience in working with, repairing and troubleshooting medical simulators (robotic patients and virtual reality simulators)


  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Location: Gaithersburg, MD