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Hello! Welcome to the Strategic Results Scientific and Technical Presentation Wiki! Here, you will find a multitude of useful instructions and pointers on how to make effective scientific and technical presentations. Whether you are a research fellow, resident, doctor, doctoral candidate, medical researcher, engineer, government official, or someone entering a related profession, you will most likely have to make presentations at some point in your profession. You might use public speaking to secure a new job, apply for funding, network with new contacts in your field, or just present your research and discoveries at a conference or symposium. Whatever the scenario, we hope that you will find this information helpful.

Please, if you have any questions on the content, documentation, or source materials, or if you would like to help out developing the articles, we are open and appreciative of your input! We hope that through your feedback, this site will become a useful resource for many scientific and medical professionals interested in improving their approach to presentation-making.

You can contact me, Sam Trumbo, at this email address:

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